Chapter 14

A family 


June was restless the entire day. She had to go to pick Nathan up from school at noon. As she reached home, she remembered what Rita said to her back in the bakery. She was on the planet earth for a purpose, a purpose that only she knew.

It was quarter to one, June stepped out of the house to pick Nathan. She eagerly waited outside the building and her eyes rolled at every gate and every child, “where is my Nathan… where is my Nathan?” All of a sudden, she saw Nathan running out the door with a huge smile on his face. June forgets everything after looking at Nathan so happy. His tiny blue eyes were searching for June in the distance. As soon as he saw her, June waved at him, and he ran toward her like a young cub. June bent down on her knees to hold Nathan tight in her arms. Nathan jumped on her and June picked him up on her lap. “I see the baby looks very happy. Did everything turn out well for you?” she asked. Nathan smiled and cupped her cheeks, smiling and nodding, “Yes, mommy.” The two laughed together. On that day, June decided to focus on her mission as well. Through the field, she was heading back home with Nathan, holding his tiny finger. She was sometimes picking him up on her lap, and most of the time he was walking by himself. The home was within walking distance and both mother and son enjoyed walking together while having lots and lots of fun. While returning that day, she was just reflecting on her purpose. Nathan stopped looking at June, “mommy, catch me,” he said as he lost his finger from her firm hand and started running. June was playing with Nathan, walking behind him to catch him and failing to do so.”Oh no, I cannot keep up, Nathan runs so fast,” she said.

Nathan stopped, looked at her mother, and laughed at her. “Let’s go home fast, mommy,” he said. Seeing Nathan’s joyful expression, she murmured, “yes dear, we need to go back.” She knelt down to reach him. She held Nathan by his shoulders in one hand and his delicate chin in the other.

“Hey!” she said, pointing up in the sky. “You want to fly, do you want to go up in the sky… in another world?” she asked. Nathan hugged June with excitement. “Yesss,” he said.

June’s emotions were catching her. She tightly held Nathan and said, “yes darling we will be there soon.” She picked him up and walked towards home. When she reached, she found a big car parked outside her house and a man leaning onto the bonnet of the car. It looked like he was waiting for June. She approached the figure and found out who he was. “Patrick?” She was surprised. 

Patrick was waiting for her at her house. June was shocked to see him there. Patrick opened his hat and greeted her, “Bonjour! mademoiselle.” June laughed and said, “since when did you know French?” Patrick came close to her and replied, “since I was very young. My mother was French and moved here to this town with my dad after marriage.” 

“May I ask, what are you doing here?” June asked. Patrick moved away and said, “Well, that was a bit rude.” 

June got confused. “Oh! I did not mean in a rude manner,” she said. Patrick opened his car’s window and took out two bags. “Rita told me that you were not feeling well, so out of courtesy I thought I should pay you a visit,” he explained. He raised those bags to her, “I got some food and medicine,” he said.

June did not feel comfortable with him getting things for her and coming over to see how she was doing. June’s smiling face turned into an annoyed look. “I understand, but I cannot accept this,” she said. Patrick’s arms were still in a position to hand the bags over to June. “What is it that you cannot accept, these bags or me?” he asked. June looked at him and then at Nathan, “I cannot take anything. I am not feeling well, yes, but you don’t have to show up for me. Please don’t mind but I don’t like this. Patrick took a deep breath and said, “I never had a chance to say thanks for dinner, and thanksgiving is around the corner. Do not overthink, it is my gesture of saying thanks to you.” 

He lowered his arms. June realized that she was being rude to him. She accepted the food and medicine he got for her, “I will take these this time, but please do not bother ever again, and moreover, I had medicine already.”

“I will remember that,” Patrick said. 

The thunderstorm struck, it was about to pour. June ran to the door to open it and asked Patrick to come in. After a few minutes, they could hear heavy rain falling upon the roof. It was quiet… June broke the silence, ” I will get up and make tea,” she said.

“Yeah, sure,” replied Patrick. June placed Nathan onto the couch with some sheets so he could draw and stuff. Patrick and Nathan were both playing. June entered the kitchen with her bright electric eyes wide open. She was constantly thinking about the energy she has. 

June stood still by the window and was looking up at the sky wondering whether or not she belonged to this world. Millions of thoughts were running like a marathon. Throughout her thoughts, she seemed to be moving back and forth between Nathan and Patrick and a different world she had come from.

After a few minutes, she showed herself out in the living area where her son and Patrick were playing. Looking at the scene she was so amazed. There was a gentle smile on her face and brightness in her eyes and two words came out of her mouth, “A family.”

Is June becoming more emotionally entangled?

Will she get back on track and focus on her purpose?

Is she thinking of creating a family on Earth?

Back to square one, what is her purpose in the first place?

Let’s go, we have to find out her mission…