Chapter 12



June was now familiar with everything on the planet and wanted to move on in her life. She was ready to meet people and set boundaries, as her doctor suggested. Her first move was to look for a job. Although she knew she needed education, nothing was impossible for her with what she was. It was just that she did not have a certificate or a degree. She began at the nearest market where she covered every shop, looking for a job. She was offered a job at a nearby cafe a month after starting her job search. June was working as a host, and a server there, and her appearance made an impression. She was assigned a pleasant female manager and a supervisor, Rita. They soon became good friends for a reason. June remembered the words of the doctor, which was why she maintained a distance from Rita. Rita often used to ask June if she had some problems at home, in the family or anything that she could help June with. Rita was not sure why June never let her visit her place. June always refused Rita whenever she asked to hang out with her. June became friends with Rita within the cafe and never thought about taking her friendship to the next level or out of that cafe.

Once, June was sleeping when she heard a strange voice coming from outside. She tried hard to ignore it, but as soon as she heard a child crying, she stood up. June stepped out to look and saw a lady holding a baby. Both were shivering in the cold. She was overwhelmed with thoughts about whether she should help or leave the poor lady on her own.

A look of confusion was on June’s face as she looked at the lady in the bright moonlight. In her shivering voice, the woman said, “please, take my baby in, and you can leave me out. I cannot let my child die.” June got scared, her electric energy activated. She ran inside as she did not want the lady and a baby to get hurt because her nervousness and fear led to an electric current in her. June threw a basket outside and screamed from inside, “put your baby in the basket. I will take him inside, and you can wait outside [pause] I can’t trust you.” June peeked out through a small hole in the door. When she saw the baby in the basket, she quickly ran out and grabbed the basin. June considered the baby, who was throwing a baby tantrum and smelling delicious. She promptly got a cloth and dried up the baby. June was shivering while doing an act because she was holding a baby for the first time. She wrapped a baby in her shawl and quickly got a paper and a candle. June placed her hand on the paper, and threw her electric power, June set the paper on for and through that piece of paper, she burned the candle. June immediately ran to the chimney and blew it on with the help of paper and the candle. While June was putting her fireplace on for the baby to warm up, she heard a scream from the lady outside, “Please take care of my baby, he is just 1 month old. I am giving you my lifeline and request you to keep it safe.” 

It frightened June because the lady was leaving her baby with her. June set up a fire and left the baby on a mat near the fireplace. 

June ran out to see the lady. She wanted her to come in so that the lady could warm up as well. She found no one outside. It left her high and dry, she did not understand what to do with the baby. The baby was crying and irritated, and on the other hand, June had no clue how to handle the situation. June prepared milk for the baby. She knew that the temperature of the milk should not be too cold or too warm. June fed the baby and soon got him to fall asleep. She was unable to sleep the entire night due to the arrival of the infant in her life. Second, the baby kept waking up in between, and she was cleaning him so that he could go back to sleep, and so did she. She thought of giving the baby to some orphanage, then she thought of leaving the baby at somebody’s doorway. However, at the same time she thought it could be dangerous for the baby to leave him with random people.

But, she cannot keep the baby. She doesn’t know anything about taking care of humans. She doesn’t trust herself around him as she is carrying strong electric current inside her. She was having all these multiple thoughts and finally fell asleep. 

The next day, she took the baby to work, and told Rita everything that happened. Rita asked her to deliver the baby to a child care center or an orphanage. June did not even know how to keep babies, play with them, and take responsibility. She knew nothing because she never had one. June has always seen women around her carrying babies and feeding them. She planned to give the baby to an orphanage. 

At the same time, June was a very kind lady, and on top of that, she also had a very soft and caring heart. As she walked to the nearby orphanage, she watched the baby steadily. She reached the building and saw so many children playing in a park under the supervision of a warden. She took a closer look at the baby. The baby was trying to talk to her and held her finger very tightly. June felt real happiness for the first time, “tata, mmm, bur,” baby was playing with June’s finger. The baby was putting her finger inside the mouth. The supervisor of the orphanage walked towards June. “Hello, Madame, how can I assist you?” She asked. June looked confused; her voice was trembling. “I [pause] I have this baby,” June mumbled. She realized that she was going to commit a mistake by giving up on the baby. This was after the baby’s mother requested June to take care of her child. June stepped backward slowly, “No, I am okay, thank you. Have a good one,” June ran away and did not look back.

With much love, June placed the baby on her lap, smiling at him. “Your name is Nathan,” June said with much affection. Nathan smiled at her and started to talk in his language. June was filled with joy. She thought that now she would nourish the baby and be his mother, give enough love, and have enough love and respect. June was happy that she had someone who would be there for her to protect her, care for her, and who would never cheat or hurt her. But, at the same time, she realized who she was, and sooner or later, the baby will find out her truth. But then Nathan’s smile and his talking distracted her, making her love him more and more.

The next morning, she took Nathan with her to the cafe. Rita was amazed to find the baby in a basket with June. She approached the baby, “June, you did not go to the orphanage yesterday, did you not find it or are you planning to go today?” asked Rita.

June slowly came close to Rita. “I am keeping the baby,” she excitedly said. Rita was shocked to hear that, “what, you are keeping the baby, for real?” she asked. “Is that a problem? I mean finally I will have someone in my life,” June said. Rita stood still, and June was playing with Nathan. All of a sudden, Nathan started crying. June held the baby in her arms and shook him to make him stop crying. But it was getting worse, June started worrying as she was also in the middle of changing into her work uniform. Rita said, “June, it’s alright, you take care of Nathan. I will handle the counter and orders.” June thanked Rita and took Nathan inside to the kitchen. June was trying to calm Nathan, “Okay, baby. Did you dirty your nappies? Let me see,” June peeked and examined his dirty nappy. She took Nathan to the toilet and got him changed, but Nathan’s cry did not stop. June was not feeling right, she did not understand, she thought maybe he was unwell or wanted some milk. June took Nathan back to the kitchen and prepared milk for him. After she began to feed him, June breathed a sigh of relief due to the sudden quiet around her.

Rita came inside the kitchen and saw June happy and feeding the baby like she was some expert. Rita approached her. “June, are you hiding something from me?” she asked. June remained still. June asked with ambiguity and fear, “What does that mean?”. Rita replied, “you are so proficient at it. I mean, I am a mother of two girls, and I was never this comfortable until the second one. I was watching you, and it seems like you are experienced in regards to this.” June smiled, “My friend, I do not know if I am a deserving mother to this ravishing bundle of joy, Nathan. But, I am sure of one thing, that this baby deserves much love and affection. I could not leave him in that orphanage I visited yesterday, and when I came back, I did everything. I do not know how it happened, but I was able to make nappies out of my shawls, and I was able to feed him and make him sleep. Though, I have never been with anybody.” Rita smiled and pointed her finger up, “You see, he does everything. God is there, he watches and opens a way for his children on earth. You are deserving, he made you his deserving mother.” Rita said and left. June smiled, and a bright light shined in her eyes as she stared at Nathan. “God?” she mumbled and smiled.


Who was the lady and why did she leave her baby with June? Would June be a responsible mother to Nathan? What will this new relationship bring to them?