Chapter 11



June was lying on the ground. One man who was coming back from his farm looked at her. He ran towards June and found her naked and pale. As soon as he saw her, he covered her with his long jacket. As he bent down to check if June was alive, he felt some kind of unique energy. It was weird to him, but he wanted to figure out what was wrong with the woman. He touched her forehead. “Wow! She is cold.” The man said. He checked her veins and found nothing. He bent over to listen to her heartbeat, but he heard nothing. He got up. “Oh no, she is dead.” He thought. 

He picked June up in his arms and started walking to his home. He laid June on the bed and covered her up in the blanket. It was getting dark outside, so the man headed out to call a nurse he knew. She did not live too far from his house.

He reached a nurse’s house and knocked on the door. “Hello sister, are you inside? I need your help,” he said. Someone opened the door, [crackling sound]

“Hello, George, are you doing okay?” asked the nurse. “Sister, I am fine, thank you. I found one person lying on the ground nearby. I took her to my house. “It looks like she’s no more, but could you please confirm if she’s alive or dead?” George asked.

[A sniff] George peeked inside, “Is there someone else with you? You need to come, I do not know any doctors or nurses here. “The hospital and clinic are too far away,” said George with concern. “I will come, let me quickly take my medical case,” said a nurse. She closed the door on George’s face. He was now sure that he heard someone sniffing and that there was someone in the house. After a few minutes, it got dark. Both of them made their way to George’s place.

[Crackling sound]

George opened the door. “Oh dear Lord, where is she?” George yelled. The nurse entered with a confused look on her face. “What does that suppose to mean?” she asked. George scratched his head as he said, “I left the lady right here [pointing to the bed] on this furniture, and now she’s gone.” They both heard a sound like someone was banging the door or a window. George and the nurse followed the sound. June was trying to get out of the house. She looked back and found George asking her to stop. She stared at him, the nurse came forward, “how are you, darling?” asked the nurse. June was now staring at the nurse. She moved forward gently and held the nurse’s hand looking into her eyes. June pumped a strong current into her and a bright light into her eyes. June was trying to understand why she was so pale and lethargic, as well as what was missing in her body. George looked at her and got scared as hell. He could not speak and could not move. In his shivering voice, he slowly asked, “What is happening… [long pause] what are you?” There was like a rumble of thunder crashing inside the house. June could not focus due to a lack of energy, but she did not lose hope. She used all the power she had and tried to grasp the lady’s language and that vital element that was missing in her body. Suddenly,the window glasses crack. June jumped backwards in force, so did the nurse and George. “The heart [pause] Heartless, I am heartless,” that was the first time June said something as a human.” She was shivering and looking at the people lying on the floor. She moved forward to them gradually and called the nurse, “Hey, can you help me to get a heart?” June picked up the nurse and put her on the bed, and then lifted George and placed him on the couch. She focused on her body and heard the sound, “Lub-Dub… Lub-Dub… Lub Dub…” She then tried to listen inside her, but did not hear any Lub-Dub. She was losing her sight, losing her hearing capacity, and losing what she created as a whole. She was required to search for a good heart as soon as possible. But at the same time, she understood that it was not the right thing to dig into someone’s heart that is alive. As she could think clearly, she understood that passing strong currents through someone’s heart would be dangerous.

June remembered the place she was dropped on land, she remembered the cemetery. She realized that the cemetery is the place where people are buried after death. Death means no life, and no existence means an unwanted heart. She ran like a flash of electricity to the cemetery. June was able to follow the path to the place by following her traits. 

As a matter of fact, only the sort like June, no one else, can follow the marks these kinds leave behind. 

She reached the cemetery. June started to look for some recently buried dead body, “fresh one,” she whispers. There were fresh flowers and dug mud near. June approached the grave and spelled out characters of the name softly and slowly with pauses, “M [pause] A [pause] R [pause] I [pause] E [pause] that makes it [a long break] Marie,” she said. She started digging off the mud and pulled the grave out. After opening the coffin, she found an elegant lady decorated like a princess inside. She saw her smiling face and got stupefied. She touched her chest and passed a current like she did for the brain, but this time she had to put a lot of pressure. It took her a while to finish the task of forming her heart because it was the most essential part of the body. After she finished creating her heart from the dead lady, she passed her current through her heart and made it work. “Lub-Dub… Lub-Dub… Lub-Dub…,” she could hear the same sound of her heart beating. She was feeling complete now because she was able to wrench herself into a whole human being. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath. “I am a woman,” she said. The weather turned to reply to her back [thunderstorm]. There was a direct lightning strike on her from the sky, which was not just a flash, it remained for a long time. June fell backward and passed out as soon as it got over. When the light energy got repelled from June, the last glimpse of it could be seen on her lower abdomen part rotating. It was midnight, the grave was opened, and June was lying unconscious. June nudged up suddenly and found the grave still open. She looked at the lady for the last time, she touched her hair. “I have no hair… Women have hair,” she said. She built her hair from the lady she got her heart from. She buried her grave back and felt her new womanhood that she admired, adored, and embraced. She made herself out of so many beautiful ladies then, she had the heart of a very kind, graceful, soft, and generous lady. All together, she was a mixture of beauties that made her one of the most fascinating and attractive ladies of the city back then.

She struggled so much to reach up to that level, where she behaves like a typical human being.

She used to live all by herself in one small shed, and she learned to hunt, crop, and cook. She was all alone in this world, where she was afraid to get close to anyone. Though every man, woman, tried to be friends with June, she never allowed anyone into her life. She was a very delicate person and did not want to get hurt. She did know about being a friend, having a family, but she was scared to start one. She was looking for the right time and the right person. She used to go to one session she once sneaked into and found so many people sitting in a circle discussing something serious. It was a center where women and men gathered to discuss their issues, their personal lives, and heartbreaks. She soon became a part of the group, after asking what her problem was, a shallow response, “I… I… am alone,” said June. People were staring at her. Such a beautiful lady was standing by the window. The doctor invited her to join the group if she wanted to. June was scared to do so. “I was just wondering what was going on,” June said. The doctor came closer, “Hello [offers a hand to shake] myself, Dr. Katherine, I study psychology.” June stood there looking at her hands, and then after a long break, she shook her hand. For the first time, she felt like she was no longer passing an electric current when she touched anything or anyone. “You are welcome to join us, it is free of cost, and you can overcome any fear or any stress you are suffering from,” said Dr. Katherine. June entered the room and saw a crowd of people. She turned back to see the doctor and asked, “All these people have problems?” 

“Yes, and they will all discuss it, sometimes other people have solutions to your problems,” Dr. Katherine replied. June settled down and listened to everyone. That was when she realized that people cannot be trusted. So many women were going through breakups and were dealing with broken hearts. Some lost friends, got betrayed, some had family issues going on. June was kind and honest, caring, and protective of their loved ones. She could not hurt anybody and did not want anybody to destroy or break her emotionally. Therefore, June decided to stay alone and not make friends. But, at the same time, she thought that would not be a solution for her target. This way, she will not be able to achieve what she has come for.

When it was June’s turn to share her muddle with the group, she was quiet, looked at the doctor, and asked, “how will you come to know that the person you are with is not heartless, he/she will not break your heart, will not betray? How can you be sure that you can trust them?”

“That is an excellent question,” the doctor said. “You cannot be sure of these things. There are times when you learn quite quickly about a person’s intentions or what kind of a person they are within no time at all. Sometimes, it is too late to realize, which is why we get hurt. So, what I do is, I do not become attached to a person. In this whole grown world, your parents are the ones you can always count on, because no matter what and how they are, they will always love and always wish the best for you. The world outside is where you have to be careful. You do not trust anyone, trust your instincts, trust yourself. Set up a boundary for everyone and do not allow anyone to cross that line. Do not get attached, so that if that person breaks your trust or does anything to make you upset, it should not break you. Learn from it and move on in your life,” Dr. Katherine explained. 

June locked the doctor’s words in mind and stood up. “Thank you, doctor, I will keep that in mind. I have to leave now, take care everyone,” June said and left. 

June never let people into her life, did not make friends, did not find love. 

But one thing she never forgot was her purpose. For years she kept herself alone and isolated so that she could learn people’s every move. This would enable her to integrate herself into this new world and achieve human activities.

Was June able to make friends? What was the purpose she had on Earth?

Let’s find out.