Chapter 10



A hundred years ago, a stray particle dribbled down in Bufford, U.S. It was a dark, windy, and thunderous night when June dropped down on Earth like a bolt of light. She was seeking a human figure. June had the power to build a human body by touching. So, June formed her figure by touching an attractive young woman, but did not take her face. June created herself by contacting different women. She formed her facial features by contacting four different women. She took a variety of features from each one. June was smart enough to recognize that all the women should be of the same age. 

Once, she was hiding in the forest. She saw a lady who was meditating at a distance. She was still not whole, so like a bolt of light she got near her and stroked her. The lady was meditating and became unconscious as she touched her. June formed her forehead and eyes. 

She could now see much better just like humans. June created a forehead and eyes, but that was not enough. In addition to creating her flesh, she created every part and system of her body. Therefore, she now wanted someone’s brain. The brain was not something that could have developed itself. June needed a nourished mind. She was looking for knowledge regarding how to speak, how to think like a human, how they work, feelings, sentiments, and how they create people. Although the brain carries the thoughts and experiences of an individual. But, June will have to learn and develop some parts of it by herself. She still has to figure out many things by using the brain she will acquire from someone. 

June followed one lady. She saw some prominent structures where the woman went inside, then vanished. What she saw was a beautiful house made of shining timber, but she had no idea what it was. The woman went inside the house and disappeared. She was not familiar with any such noun called “a house.” It was getting dark, June looked around and was amazed at the true beauty of nature. It was a sunset view that she had never experienced. She sped up behind the lady as she stepped up the stairs to the door. The lights inside the house were flickering. There were just a few blazes visible inside. Outside, June was sparkling with her own streak of light. To be able to pass her energy through a brain, June was supposed to touch the head of the person. June was trying to sneak into the house. She saw a lady coming to the door with a lamp in her hand. June was not sure how to react, so she panicked, and as a result, it affected the lady. As the lady opened the door, her vision turned dark, and the body reflected back and a lamp into the air. She fell and passed out. All the family members ran towards her and got caught up in the same thing that happened to the lady. June analyzed, and out of those people lying on the ground, she chose the person with the best-sustained brain. She approached the middle-aged woman who looked experienced and professional. She touched her head and passed electric energy through her mind. It appeared like the light was sucking up the lady’s mind. After getting her brain inside, June fell backward with force. June held her head tight in her palms because of so many thoughts that her brain was carrying. It was too much for June to take in. As June now had brains, she realized that what happened there hurt those people, which was terrible. The mind needs time to adjust to the body and process everything. But, June was preparing to understand goodness and evil now. She, with her energy, woke the people and walked out as soon as she could.

June went down the hill when she saw a bunch of people partying. She proceeded closer; there, she found so many females of her age. She quickly went nearby; the closer she was getting to the crowd, the more electric disturbance was occurring. There was only one huge light, which looked like a street light as it was not that developed then. The light went off as June came closer, and to her surprise, she was not able to see the way she used to in the dark. Some torches were there, which was a long stick with burning material at one end and a fireplace; therefore, people could still see around. Everyone saw some light in the distance, a sparkling glow. People were not sure what it was. One of them decided to approach the flash, that lightning view was nothing but June herself. June saw some figure coming towards her, which made her panic and threw some kind of electric energy that pushed the man hard enough and made him fall backward. June went inside the wood and disappeared. That huge light turned back on and left everybody expressionless. June was looking in the woods. She saw a girl of the same age she was looking for and within no time got closer to her so that she could touch her. She formed ears and a nose like her. June was now able to hear and smell everything around her, which made her feel very unusual. She shut her ears and ran away. June sat down under the tree and very slowly took her hands off her ears. She was smelling nature, she could feel and smell greenery, soil, and the turkey dinner people were preparing. Also, June could now hear the wind breeze. She now understood that an air was intangible, then she looked up at the tree and saw branches and leaves waving. She realized that it was an effect of wind. June was grasping everything quickly because of what June was; sharp, intelligent, observant, and a machine. Now that June also had a human brain, she could perceive everything much more effectively. 

She heard someone coming close to her. However, there were parts of June’s body missing, so the sparking light was still visible in her. She saw a small creature; it was looking at June almost in the same confused way as June was looking at it. June held a creature that felt so soft and smooth to touch. 

“Meow,” the thing sounded. 

It was a cat, of course, which June found interesting, “meow.” It was the first word that came out of June’s mouth. She looked back at the people in the distance. She stood up with a cat on her arm. After slowly approaching the people, June realized she might want to see how the cat approached her with a soft pad. June put a cat down and observed it. The cat was continually looking at her and meowing “Meow.” 

Cat started walking, and June copied her sauntering. As June got closer to the people, she stopped and started seeking a match for the other parts of her body. The cat jumped off the bushes and dashed into the crowd. June was looking at the crowd. People loved it when the cat joined them; they were playing and talking to it. Looking at it, June discovered that the creature was something people were aware of and it existed on Earth. 

June then saw a girl with a guy, they were kissing. June was looking at them and felt a tickling effect in her body. She was not sure but was intelligent enough to understand that the act meant something and also smart enough to take advantage of the couple not noticing her. She wanted her lips to look like that girl’s. The couple heard some cracking sounds and felt like someone was watching them, and stopped. Almost immediately, June established herself. She was looking at the girl and touched her slightly without them noticing and shaped her lips and cheekbones like her. June touched her face and felt the flesh and bone in her. Something was happening to June because now she was about to create herself as a full human being. June was feeling drowsy because of the complex system developing inside her. All she needed now was her chin, but she was already sick. 

June saw one lady running. June looked at her and followed her. She started to run like her. June was now hiding and copying people, how they walk, move, talk, and other necessary things that humans do. She knew how to move faster as a human now, otherwise, there was nothing else as fast as her. 

June was hunting down the crowd for a chin. The light was still visible from that last part, so she could not come out. There was a woman of the same age dancing with a glass of wine in her hand. June focused on her and quietly drew closer. June had to touch her in that crowded place, but it wasn’t easy. June was scared. Then she reminded herself of that cat she saw. She started crawling like the cat. She was trying to hide the very tiny bright white twinkling part. She luckily made her way closer to the lady and touched her feet. In that moment, she did not care who saw her, she just used her power and created a butt-chin that resembled her. It was dark, the lady tripped over the man she was dancing with. Nobody could see her which is why she could easily escape the crowd and go into the woods. 

June was feeling unusual. She looked up at the sky and thought that she had now fullyl developed as a human being. 

Thunder crashed through June, making her more energetic. She was now getting tired as she had been running and walking for a while now. She did not understand what was happening. It was her existing light that kept her awake and energized throughout. But she was getting drained. She took a rest under the tree. There were a few problems she was facing. She was not able to breathe at all. She was pale and her body was turning blue. Her head was turning cold. She knew every word but did not understand how to speak or pronounce it. 

It was pitch dark, she got up and started to move and find what else was missing. There was a cabin visible to her in the distance. She was approaching the cabin slowly, “sniff,” June was trying to smell humans inside the cabin. But, unfortunately, she was not even able to breathe properly, how could she feel or smell anything. Her realization was that if she didn’t find the answer, everything would be for nothing.

How will June be able to survive? Did she find anyone in the cabin? What was her next move?

Let’s keep diving…