Chapter 16

The Man


It is late at night, Sophie hears a cracking sound from her window. She thinks it’s a wind wave. Later, she senses a warm sensation in her bed, similar to what she experienced with Damien. She smiles thinking that she was dreaming. She can feel Damien’s hands rolling over her face, she can feel him spooning her. She feels his breath around her neck giving her goosebumps. She opens her eyes wide and realizes that she was not dreaming but there is actually someone in her bed. She moves away like a wind and looks back. “Damien,” Sophie looks shocked and says in her low voice. “What are you doing here?” she asks.

Damien pulls her towards him on the bed and replies, “well, I could not stay away from you, I was missing you which is why I ended up here… [Pause] how have you been doing?” Sophie smiles and her inner voice was thanking God that he was with her but she did not let that emotion come out, “it’s just been… what 4 hours since I came back, and you already…” By the time she could complete her sentence, Damien kisses her holding Sophie from the neck, running his hand through her hair. Sophie’s heart began to pound as her hands settled on his shoulders. They are feeling the warmth of their bodies against each other. The room is pitch black and then it lights up. Damien’s body is electrified.  Sophie is watching light passing through the naked parts of his body. She touches his arms while looking at his neck. The lights are flowing like blood. Damien is caressing her neck, eyes closed and she can now feel the current passing through his body. She says to him, “Hey, Damien?” 

As he opens his eyes and makes eye contact with her, Sophie is struck by the fact that his eyes are dark. However, his pupils shine brightly like a galaxy. As if she was in space, she could see the milky way in all its twisted glory. She cannot say further. Damien is asking her whether she was alright but she is lost in his eyes. Damien thinks, “maybe she is not feeling well.” He waits for her to respond. Slowly his body calms down and his eyes return to their normal, chocolate-brown color. 

Sophie’s eyes were captivated by such an amazing sight, her heart was touched. Damien gets worried as Sophie is in tears. “Hey!!! I am sorry, did I do something wrong, what happened?” he asks. [Pause] Damien thinks it through and realizes maybe Sophie got uncomfortable with his real appearance. He continues, “Is it my turning that bothers you?” Sophie looks up at him and holds him. “Yes, it is you and your reality but it did not bother me. For the first time in my life, I felt surrounded by some very pure and warm energy. I could see the universe in your eyes, Damien. It was just so wonderful,” she explains as she hugs him.

Damien feels happy. “For real?” he asks. Sophie kisses his forehead. “Yes, dummy… you can never bother me…” she says.

They are talking while exchanging hugs, kisses and cuddles. At midnight, they fell asleep. Well, it is just Sophie who has fallen asleep in his arms. Damien, on the other hand, is happy that he was with her. However, at the same time, he keeps thinking about why Sophie is related to his kind and if so, what trouble that may bring. Now that he’s genuinely in love with her, keeping her out of trouble has become his top priority. He looks at her and says in a very low voice, “whatever happens, I will find out what is the truth.” 

He remembers that the woman had kept that book close to her chest and took it away with her. All the answers to the questions will be in the same book and they will have to bring the book from there either way. Damien loosens his arm from under Sophi’s neck. He is sneaking out of the room when he hears some cracking sound from the hall. Sophie rests herself on a pillow. She is in a deep sleep with a happy face. Damien did not want to wake her. He quietly makes his way out of the room and sees through the railings to the hall. He is making sure that Sophie’s mother is in her room. He can still hear someone downstairs. 

He could feel that something was not right. His body lightens up but he tries to control it. He tries to look over the railing down to the visible area but cannot see anyone. All of a sudden he sees a big shadow. To be sure it is not Sophie’s mother, he walks towards the mother’s room. 

He finds the mother sleeping in her room. Who is down in the living area if both the mother and a daughter are asleep? He slowly walks down the stairs. The man down the hall gets alert. Damien hides, he can see the shadow moving towards the stairs. It appears like a man’s figure. The man runs toward the front door to exit. Damien runs downstairs and to the hall’s window so that he can see who the person was. 

He is shocked to see that the man running out of the house is the same one who visited his house earlier with the lady.

Sophie experienced the most amazing sight that one can ever dream of. We see in pictures and videos the beauty of our universe. Imagine what it would be like if we saw that beauty in person. Fiction, but only if we feel Sophie’s feelings can it be real.


What is the unrevealed truth about Sophie’s family? How are they related to Damien’s lineage? What troubles can all of this cause in each other’s lives? What is hidden in that book?