Its All About Universe…

I have always been thinking about our existence. Why have we come on this planet? What means do all of us living beings have? What is the purpose and how was this universe built in the first place? I have read and heard it in Hindu mythology, gone through all the scientific factors, and connected science with spirituality. I found a lot more answers than I ever thought. But, I still am curious about our universe. What do you think is there any different world, some other globe that is distinct from our earth? Well, obviously we have huge contents out there or up there, and if we do have the separate existing living world, what creatures does it have?
This story is fictional where you will encounter suspense and thriller in every chapter. The story is suspenseful, romantic, supernatural, and sci-fi. It is a mixture of genres which I hope you all will enjoy…

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I have been writing since I was in seventh grade. Back then, nobody could read those interesting stories and quotes but my teachers after catching me proofread my stories under the desk while the class was going on. A lot of time my respective teachers asked me not to quit writing as I was so good at it, but I did not continue composing until now.
I was one time playing a random game on my phone where I had to make choices in a given situation when it sparked an idea of penning down the story you are about to read.

Now is the time to share my writings; my imagination with you all. Let’s together go on a journey…

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Meet the main characters.


She is an understanding daughter who lost the most important person of her life and stand by her mother at every step. She is a great friend who supports a family that no one wants to talk about. Despite knowing the truth of the family, she is a girl who maintains a true friendship and loves her man unconditionally.

A Mother

A loving mother who can do anything for her daughter.


A strong character whose love for this girl keeps getting intense day after day that he tries not to be with her for her own good and can't stay away from her either.


A sister who is hiding a secret from everybody and thinks about it and feel bad every single day. She wants to speak about what happened but is afraid that she might lose her only friend and make her brother's life difficult.


A strong woman who spend half of her life alone. Her character in the story is a past character. She is hidden inside the book that everyone is after. That book can open all the secrets. That book can answer all the questions.

Sunakshi Thakur

Sunakshi Thakur belongs to a business background. She writes journals, quotes, stories and is a professional writer.

Sunakshi carries a demonstrated history of working in reputed multinational organizations. She is from a business management background skilled in Writing, Effective Communication, International Trade, and Public Speaking. She is an effective leader and a strong information technology professional with a Bachelor in Business Administration double degree. BBA focused on Human Resources as her first degree and BBA in International Management her second from The University of Lethbridge Canada.

She has been doing A-grade professional writing like business reports, thesis, and essays on leadership throughout her education and career history to date.
Writing is her hobby and something she follows. Even when she narrates any story verbally, be it a real one from her past that she had lived or a fictional one that she made there and then, everyone wants to listen. It is not just the tale she narrates, but the way she does; makes it sound even more interesting. Similarly, stories she pens down leave that fascinating impact.

A Story About.


A girl falls in love with one of the boys from the family. Despite knowing the consequences, she does not want to leave a boy or quit being friends with the family but wants to dig deeper instead.


Who is the family living in the neighborhood? Why do people avoid them? Something is coming behind a girl that she is not aware of yet. She wants to know the truth about what she is encountering one after the other every second day. It is as mysterious to her as it would be for the audience.

Science Fiction

Living in this world, we are oblivious about what is happening in this universe. The fact that there could be something else surviving other than the biotic components on this planet. So, if there is, what it can be or what can be their capabilities?

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